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Our Mission

Arrange a (business) trip based on a high service level and at the same time taking care of your travel hassle.
In order to do that we find golf courses matching your needs and preferences. The selection is based on facilities and services.
Besides that, my goal is to connect the Golf Pro's with organizations and anyone else planning a golf trip.

During the booking procedure I am more than happy to assist you. I am dedicated to giving you the best booking option at the right time.

I want to share my expertise to make your trip memorable. Combine activities and help you out to set a program for the perfect getaway.

' Planning a trip is like organizing a wedding but for a smaller group '
Diente Jacobs
Tour Guide and Travel PA
Travel PA

Let us inspire you

10+ Years of Experience

It does not matter if you are going on a couples holiday, a business trip or a short getaway. I am your travel consultant.

Combine The Best

We offer the best combinations of activities that will match your travel companions.

Unique Offer

Keep (y)our eyes and ears open as we try to find unique places and activities.

24/7 Friendly Support

Im here for you, anytime.

What can I do for you?
Want assistance during your booking procedure? I can help you find the best flights within your budget, find accommodations that suit your needs. You get 24/7 support.
Travel Assistant
On request
I organize a detailed program for you. Incl green fees, equipment rental, hire a golf pro, hire a caddie, a diner at the best restaurants, yoga at the beach or a wine tour by bike.a
Travel PA
All in
Our network and database includes many excellent golf courses. You can either search for a specific stay & play hotel deals for your trip for yourself as we add them daily.
Travel Deals
In advance

How do I make this happen?

Highly-advanced software

I have access to all online booking sites at just one click. With our software, you can save on travel expenses quickly and easily.

Travelers Profile

We keep detailed profiles on your travelers to ensure efficiency each time we work with you. For example, exclude airlines, budget-related preferences and so on

Competitive rates

We have all airlines(worldwide) in one place, including our specially purchased rates, so you are guaranteed of paying the most competitive rate.

PA Services

It's in my nature to organize down to the specific details. Therefore no question is too big or too small. If you can dream it, we can do it. And I will make sure you experience the higher service level.

What others say about me

Planning is key when you go on a short (golf) trip. Diente is capable of putting every need in the schedule without running from place to place. Perfect, I will hire her again for our next trip.

Yvonne Lomans

The Netherlands

It's easier to book yourself as my needs vary every time. Through this amazing tool, it's easy, fast and free to find your perfect golf trip. I use it for my pro tournaments.​

Lars Buijs


Diente knows which elements are beneficial for a memorable trip. She will find the best places in town or nearby. She sticks with the timetable which contains lots of surprises.​

Rianne Kolpa

The Netherlands

Don't spend too much time searching and comparing, you'll get lost in the maze of options.

Experience a hassle-free booking experience


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