Exclusive Experiences

Because the perfect trip consists of a diverse program

and multiple activities. Nowadays we want to be entertained and discover the area as much as we can.

Play 18 hole game, explore the city, go on a wine tour, hop on a bike, dine at hidden gems and explore local hubs. 

But how to fit all of this within the program? Well, that’s my part. Leave that to me and I will surprise you with a complete program without the feeling you rush from A-B.
I make sure you go on a trip without the hustle and come back relaxed and filled with good memories.

What can I do for you?

Hire me as your Travel PA and I make sure I cover each asset of the trip.
For example;

  • ■ Flight tickets
  • ■ Car Rental
  • ■ Accommodation
  • ■ Conference room setting at location
  • ■ Restaurant and hidden gems list
  • ■ Find that specific champagne for you
  • ■ Custom made hand towels
  • ■ Send out invitations to attendees
  • ■ Hire a golf pro
  • ■ Inform about the clubs and bags available at the course
  • ■ Book activities in the area
  • ■ PA Services

And surprise you with many more ideas..

Save time
I have access to all online booking sites at just one click. With our piece of highly-advanced software, you can save on travel expenses quickly and easily.

Pay less
Our database includes multiple partner deals. Therefore I can save you money on flights, rental cars and accommodation. 

24/7 support, on anything. By email, whatsapp or phone. Also when flights are changed/canceled.

Want assistance during your booking procedure? I can help you find the best flights within your budget, find accommodations that suit your needs. You get 24/7 support.
Travel Assistant
On request
I organize a detailed program for you. Incl green fees, equipment rental, hire a golf pro, hire a caddie, dine at the best restaurants, yoga at the beach or a wine tour by bike.
Our network and database includes many excellent golf courses. You can either search for a specific stay & play hotel deals for your trip for yourself as we add them daily.
Business Trip
Golf Pro Hire
Want to find out how much
I can save you on travel costs?