Travel Assistant

If you need any assistance during your bookings

Get lost in the maze of flight tickets?
Want the best price for hotels or Airbnb’s? 
Prefer a reliable car rental support?

I’m dedicated to giving you the best booking option at the right time.

Together we set up a personal travel profile for you which includes all your preferences. For example; exclude airport airlines, standard seat row/chair number, multiple stops by budget and many more settings to provide you the ideal travel offer.

Contact me and I assist you during this process.

What can I do for you?

Flight tickets
Find suitable flights for your (travel) company. We set up your travel profile to offer matching options.

Car Rental
Want a specific car? Want to rent from a reliable partner? Clear insight off the insurance and costs? I can help you out.

Either its Airbnb,, Agoda or Expedia I can offer (multiple) options to fit your budget or match your preferences. 

Save time
I have access to all online booking sites at just one click. With our piece of highly-advanced software, you can save on travel expenses quickly and easily.

Pay less
Our database includes multiple partner deals. Therefore I can save you money on flights, rental cars and accommodation. 

24/7 support, on anything. By email, whatsapp or phone. Also when flights are changed/canceled.

Want assistance during your booking procedure? I can help you find the best flights within your budget, find accommodations that suit your needs. You get 24/7 support.
Travel Assistant
On request
I organize a detailed program for you. Incl green fees, equipment rental, hire a golf pro, a caddie, dine at the best restaurants, yoga at the beach or a wine tour by bike.
Travel PA
All in
Our network and database includes many excellent golf courses. You can either search for a specific stay & play hotel deals for your trip for yourself as we add them daily.
Travel Deals
In advance
Want to find out how much
I can save you on travel costs?